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Welcome to Nutsack!

We’re a team of doctors, philosophers, and relationship experts focused on providing men with the information and support they need to achieve optimal health and vitality.

We’re sick of the empty promises and exaggerated health claims rampant in this space. Our mission is to cut through the misinformation and hype to find the truth.

Meet The Team

Nutsack was founded in 2010 by Brody Delano — then a college student. Nutsack started as a personal blog that eventually evolved into the ___ it is today.

Dr, Brody works with various experts in other fields to provide as much transparency as possible to the world of male health and vitality.

Meet the static team at Nutsack.com.

Dr. Brody Delano, MD

Dr. Brody Delano is a passionate advocate for male health and wellness and the founder of Nustack.com.

Dr, Delano’s journey began he was still in university when he started a blog covering topics related to male health and wellness. At the time, his focus was on philosophy, mindset, and physical fitness.

Several years later, after earning his MD and completing a residency at a fertility clinic in Richmond, Virginia, Dr. Delano returned to his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, to work at a fertility clinic.

After the clinic closed down just before the pandemic, Dr. Delano returned to his writing and took it as an opportunity to delve deeper into the field of male health.

Through Nutsack.com, Dr. Delano continues to share his expertise and offers practical advice and guidance to help men lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. With a strong commitment to his patients and his community, Dr. Delano is dedicated to promoting male health and wellness through his writing and clinical work.

Education History

  • Bachelor of Health Sciences: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Doctor of Medicine: University of Virginia

Charles Edwyn

Charles Edwyn is Nusack.com’s on-staff exercise & nutrition expert.

Charles earned his degree in Health and Exercise Sciences from the University of British Columbia and built a successful career as a personal trainer in the beautiful Okanogan.

Charles covers a broad range of topics related to physical conditioning and human health, offering men the knowledge they need to live their best lives. He is dedicated to empowering men with the tools and information they need to improve their health and fitness, and his writing and advice have helped countless men achieve their goals.

In his spare time, Charles enjoys trekking through the mountains with his dog, Nelly. In the winter, he rides his Voyageur 155 as often as he can.

Education History

  • Bachelor of Health and Exercise Sciences — University of British Columbia
  • Holistic Nutrition Certificate — Kootenay Columbia College of Integrative Health Sciences

Editorial Integrity

Nutsack is committed to producing content that meets the highest standards of accuracy, fairness, transparency, and authenticity. Our goal is to cut through the hype and bullshit saturating the male health and wellness industry and replace it with clear, concise, and evidence-based information to give men the tools they need to thrive in the modern world.

We obtain our information from peer-reviewed academic research, real-life experiences, and consultation with subject-matter experts.

If you have any complaints, suggestions, or spot an error or typo, please email us at [email protected].