Category: Company

  • Ajanta Pharmaceuticals

    Ajanta Pharma is an Indian pharmaceutical company specializing in generic drug manufacturing. They manufacture ED medications such as Kamagra, Lovegra, & Tadalista.

  • Mankind Pharma

    Mankind Pharma is a fast-growing Indian multinational pharmaceutical company with over 1000 products for 17 different conditions.

  • Cooper Pharma

    Cooper Pharma is a family-owned pharmaceutical company with a global presence in over 30 different countries. The company manufactures medicines for a range of different therapeutic spectrums.

  • Fortune Healthcare

    Fortune Healthcare is a pharmaceutical company based in India that produces drugs for infections, cardiovascular disorders, erectile dysfunction, and other ailments. 

  • Sunrise Pharmaceutical

    Sunrise Pharmaceutical is a manufacturer of cost-effective generic drugs established in the United States of America, that focuses on nutrition, pain relief, and gastrointestinal medication. 

  • Meyer Organics 

    Meyer Organics is an Indian company that specializes in a wide range of medications and makes reasonably priced generic drugs and supplements. 

  • Astra Labs

    Astra Labs is an Indian drug manufacturing company that sells a wide range of pharmaceutical products including parenteral drugs, oral drugs, topical drugs, and medical devices. 

  • Zuventus Healthcare

    Zuventus Healthcare is a prominent pharmaceutical company based in India that manufactures cost-effective generic drugs focusing on various conditions. 

  • Zydus Cadila

    Zydus Cadila is an Indian pharmaceutical company that produces generic drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and over-the-counter drugs.  

  • Cipla

    The drug company Cipla has been producing drugs for various conditions such as respiratory diseases, HIV/AIDS, cancer, and others since 1935.