Meyer Organics 

Meyer Organics is a well-established pharmaceutical company which is based in India and is renowned for its production of different generic medications.

This company is focused on producing generic medication in the health fields of anti-infective, nutrition supplements for all age groups, infertility supplements, and pain management. Generic prescription and over-the-counter drugs are produced by this company as well.

The company’s products are approved for use in most countries in the world. 

Company Overview

One of India’s top pharmaceutical manufacturers, Meyer Organics, was established in 1982 by Dr. K. T. Lalvani. Its product reach is in more than 40 countries in the world. Its headquarters is in Mumbai, India. 

Since more than 40 years ago, Meyer has produced state-of-the-art medical goods. Meyer is dedicated to leading the way in both medical research and human health care.

Meyer has developed multiple categories of medicines that range from ones used in infection control to nutritional supplements and pain management as well as for treating infertility. 

The advancement of industrial technology, safety, and environmental protection in the production system has always been given the top priority at Meyer. This is all possible due to Meyer’s GMP and ISO 9001-compliant control systems. This allows for maximizing the performance of Meyer’s manufacturing systems.

Meyer Organics is a division of Vitabiotics Ltd, a London-based nutraceutical company. To properly address customer needs, Meyer Organics conducts research and develops medical products with a level of quality and efficacy appropriate for international healthcare markets.

30 kilometers east of Mumbai, in Thane (Maharashtra), Meyer owns well-equipped, contemporary facilities for manufacturing, quality assurance, and research & development. In addition to the plant in Mumbai, another cutting-edge manufacturing facility has been opened in Bangalore (Karnataka).

Meyer is among the Top 40 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in India, and Meyer has received the Federation of Indian Exports Organization’s (FIEO) Export Excellence Award for two years in a row.

What Does Meyer Organics Sell?

Meyer Organics sells medications mainly focusing on infection control, infertility treatment, nutritional supplements, and pain management. 

Meyer Organics products are mainly divided into general well-being, men’s health, women’s health, calcium supplements, and kids’ health. Here, we will go through the top products of each of these categories. 

General Well Being

Ultra-D3 10K

Ultra-D3 10K contains an ingredient called cholecalciferol. It is available as 10,000 IU or 250 mcg per tablet and contains 60 tablets in each packet. It helps to increase and maintain vitamin D levels. 

Calcium and phosphate levels in the body are controlled by vitamin D. These nutrients are necessary for strong bones, teeth, and muscles. Lack of vitamin D can induce osteomalacia, a disorder that causes bone discomfort in adults, as well as bone malformations like rickets in youngsters. It also helps to reduce insulin resistance. and reduce the risk of cardiovascular and diabetic disorders.

It needs to be taken once every day after the main meal.

Feroglobin B12 Biotonic

This product is an amalgam of various nutrients such as Lysine, Folate, Vitamins B6, vitamin B12, Iron, and vitamin C. 

This product supports the preservation of general well-being, stamina, strength, and energy release. It tastes delicious and is gentle on the stomach because of the natural fruit extracts, malt, and honey.

It is a type of nutrient that is bio tonic and rich in nutrients that support growth. It also helps with blood volume and haemoglobin synthesis. It is recommended for children, adults over 50, athletes, and men and women of all ages. 

Each packet contains 0.25kg of this biotonic. The recommended dosage is one teaspoon per day. 

Congestyl Tablets

This product contains paracetamol with phenylephrine HCL and chlorpheniramine maleate. It helps in relieving symptoms of nasal congestion, the common cold, and the flu. 

Congestyl Tablet is a mixture of three medications that cures the symptoms of a common cold: chlorpheniramine, paracetamol, and phenylephrine. Sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes are among allergy symptoms that chlorpheniramine treats. The paracetamol is an analgesic (pain reliever) and antipyretic (fever reducer). It prevents the brain’s chemical signals that trigger pain and fever from leaving the brain. A nasal decongestant called phenylephrine constricts the tiny blood vessels, relieving nasal congestion or stuffiness.

Each uncoated tablet contains :

Phenylephrine Hydrochloride B.P. 5 mg

Chlorpheniramine Maleate B.P. 4 mg

Paracetamol B.P. 500 mg

Excipients q.s.

It comes in a packet of 100 tablets. The recommended dosage is one tablet every 4 to 6 hours. 

Neorelax Gel

This product contains diclofenac in gel form. It is used in treating the pain of muscles and various ailments like back pain, neck pain, arthritic pain, sprain and strains, spondylitis, frozen shoulder, thumb, and knee stiffness.

Neorelax gel has the benefit of providing cooling pain relief. It l offers substantially more relaxing pain relief on the treated surface than other topical NSAID formulations, which burn & irritate when applied.

The diclofenac in Neorelax Gel and is activated by Menthol, Camphor, and Orange oil. It actively lowers pain and inflammation in the area where it has been applied. The menthol in it enhances the absorption of diclofenac and offers a cooling sensation upon application, resulting in improved penetration and pain alleviation. The camphor has a natural rubefacient action. The citrus oil is used for aromatherapy, as opposed to conventional formulations, and it also has a pleasant fragrance. 

It is recommended to be applied on the painful area twice a day or as per the physician’s recommendations. 

Premence Plus

This is a women’s supplemental product that can relieve premenstrual symptoms (PMS) and restore rhythm in menstrual. It contains substances such as beta-carotene, multivitamins, and Minerals fortified with Vitamin B6.

The mixture addresses the underlying cause of PMS by addressing the vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc deficit that results in PMS. The daily dosage of this product is one capsule per day after a meal. This product has no hormonal adverse effects due to non-hormonal preparation. It regularises the menstrual cycle by bringing estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin levels back to normal.

It aids in bringing back PMS’s emotional and physical symptoms. Premence is a nutritionally complete compound that has been proven to be effective in treating premenstrual symptoms.

Each hard gelatin capsule contains: 

Vitamin D3 – 400IU 

Elemental Iron – 20mg

Pyridoxine Hydrochloride I.P – 40 mg

Elemental Zinc – 15mg

Vitamin B12 – 15 mcg

Elemental Copper – 1mg

Niacinamide I.P – 30mg

Elemental Magnesium – 100mg

Folic Acid I.P – 1.5mg

Elemental Iodine – 100 mcg

Elemental Chromium – 50mcg

Drugs for Infertility

Oligocare Forte

Oligocare Forte is a multi-faceted therapeutic drug that encourages optimal sperm production and function. 

It is considered a natural intervention in male infertility treatment. It is recommended for those that have oligozoospermia, asthenozoospermia, or teratozoospermia, as an adjuvant to ART and after surgical varicocele

To enhance male fertility and promote normal sperm production, Oligocare Forte offers a special blend of vital vitamins and minerals. It contains substances such as selenium, zinc, vitamin B6. and coenzyme Q10. 

Selenium supports proper spermatogenesis, zinc and vitamin B6 maintain appropriate blood levels of testosterone, and vitamin B6 assists in the regulation of hormonal activity. Sperm kinetic characteristics such as forward motility, curvilinear velocity, and straight progressive velocity are improved by coenzyme Q10.

Its formulation contains:


Zinc Gluconate (equivalent to Elemental Zinc)-7.5mg

Ferrous Gluconate (equivalent to Elemental Iron)-5mg

Manganese Sulphate (equivalent to Elemental Manganese) – 2mg

Vitamin D3 2000 I.U -(50mcg)

Sodium Selenate (equivalent to Elemental Selenium) -40mcg

Copper Sulphate (equivalent to Elemental Copper) -1mg

L-Carnitine Tartrate – 50mg

L-Arginine U.S.P-10mg

L-Glutathione B.P – 2.5mg


Vitamin B12-750mcg

Ginseng Extract-10mg

The recommended dosage is one tablet twice a day after meals or as directed by the physician. It comes in a packet of 10 strips of 6 tablets and 6 capsules each.

Ultra Q100

Ultra Q100 is a drug containing the enzyme Coq10. The body contains Coq10, a molecule that resembles a fat-soluble vitamin, but it is particularly abundant in the heart, liver, brain, and kidney. Also known as ubiquinone, vitamin Q10, ubidecarenone, and idebenone.

Adults in good health typically have plasma levels between 0.68 and 1.1 micromol/l. The levels are mostly maintained by endogenous synthesis and, to a lesser extent, by consuming food—meat, fish, and vegetable oil.

However, Coq10 biosynthesis declines as a result of aging, long-term statin use, and specific illnesses, such as hypertension and diabetes. 

It is an important component of mitochondrial bioenergetics, contributing to the electron transport chain and, as a result, taking part in aerobic cellular respiration, which produces energy in the form of ATP.

It also possesses significant antioxidant action.  Its tissue content is five to ten times more than that of vitamin E. It also plays a role in female infertility treatment. Optimum Coq10 concentrations in the follicular fluid of mature oocytes guarantee high-quality embryos.

It also plays a role in male infertility treatment. Coq10 is mostly found in sperm cells, where it contributes to energy production. It protects sperm membranes from lipid peroxidation by acting as an antioxidant. Providing a supplementation of Coq10 can show significant improvements in sperm motility, count, and fertilization rate. 

Hence, Ultra Q100 can rejuvenate aged oocyte mitochondria, improve age-related decline in fertility, improve diminished reserve of ova, prevent miscarriage, and reduce aneuploidy. 

Each Soft Gelatin Capsule Contains :

Ubidecarenone U.S.P. (Coenzyme Q-10) 100 mg

It comes in a packet of 30 Soft Gelatin Capsules per pack. and the dosage is one soft gelatin capsule per day. 

Calcium Supplement


These are calcium supplement tablets and each tablet contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D3. Calcium is needed to build and maintain strong bones. To function properly, the heart, muscles, and nerves also require calcium. 

In addition to supporting bone health, calcium and vitamin D may also offer protection from cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure

Each uncoated tablet contains :

Calcium Carbonate I.P. equivalent to elemental Calcium 300 mg

Magnesium Hydroxide I.P. which is equivalent to elemental Magnesium 100 mg

Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate U.S.P.equivalent to elemental Zinc 4 mg

Vitamin D3 I.P. 200 I.U.

It comes in a package of 5 strips in one packet containing 6 tablets each. 

Calciflavone+ Tablet

Calciflavone+ is a drug containing calcium, vitamin D3, magnesium, and soy isoflavones. It is recommended for women nearing or in the menopausal phase. Calciflavone considerably lessens hot flashes, depression symptoms, and nocturnal sweats.

All menopausal women, including those with peri- and postmenopausal symptoms, benefit greatly from Calciflavone+ as it contains magnesium, vitamin D3, and soy isoflavones. 

Each film-coated tablet contains :

Calcium carbonate I.P. 800 mg which is equivalent to elemental calcium 320 mg

Isoflavones 40% 100 mg

Magnesium Hydroxide I.P. 120 mg

which is equivalent to elemental Magnesium 50 mg

Vitamin D 3 (as stabilized) 200 I.U.

Kids Health

Kidicare Plus Syrup

Kidicare Plus offers the best nutritional support for children’s overall growth. Essential vitamins and nutrients like vitamin A, E, D, C, and B complex, and Lysine are delivered by Kidicare Plus, along with necessary minerals like zinc, iron, and magnesium.

This formulation is a growth and appetite tonic for growing kids that ensure age-appropriate growth of kids, stimulates kids’ appetites, improves physical growth, boosts immune functions, promotes immune functions, promotes cognitive and motor development, and enhances intellectual performance.

Kidicare Plus is safe for kids because it contains only natural colors and flavors.

Each 5ml contains: 

L-Lysine HCL 40mg, Vitamin C 30mg, Elemental Magnesium 10 mg, Elemental Iron 5mg, Nicotinamide 5mg, Elemental Zinc 5 mg, Vitamin E (Acetate) 3 mg, D-Panthenol 2.5 mg, Vitamin B11.5 mg, Vitamin B 21.5 mg, Vitamin B61 mg, Vitamin A 450 mcg(1500 IU), Vitamin D35 mcg (200 IU) and Vitamin B 121.5 mcg. 

Each pack of Kidicare Plus syrup contains 200ml and the recommended dose is 1/2 Teaspoon twice daily for infants. 

Pharmaceutical Review: Comparing The Good & The Bad

A well-known producer of generic drugs is Meyer Organics. The company is headquartered in India and has a proven track record of creating high-quality medications, as attested to by the numerous awards that have been given to it over the years. The manufactured medications are very reasonably priced for consumers and are generic. The company has worked to increase the scope of its offerings.

However, there are several areas where the business can be enhanced. For individuals who cannot afford name-brand medications, a wider variety of goods can be made available to treat a variety of illnesses.

Additionally, the pharmaceutical company has the option of expanding its reach internationally. It may become more well-known on a global scale if it is expansion-oriented.






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