Mankind Pharma

Mankind Pharma is a multinational pharmaceutical company operating in 34 different countries, originally based in India. 

The company’s goal is to provide affordable, accessible medicines that meet urgent medical needs while also assisting the community in leading a healthy lifestyle. The company’s vision is to provide high-quality, affordable products that are accessible to the world.

The company manufactures its products for a range of therapeutic services such as antibiotics, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, dermatological, and erectile dysfunction medications.

Company Overview

The company was founded in 1986 and became a legal corporation in 1991. It was in 1995 when the company became a fully integrated pharmaceutical company.

The company manufactures a range of products, including medicines for different therapeutic areas and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) like condoms, pregnancy test kits, perfumes, artificial sweeteners, and many other products. It is based on 34 different nations, including India, the United States, the Middle East, Asia, South America, and Africa. 

The company has over 14,000 employees and is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India.

The products of the company are quality assured and considered safe for use. However, pharmaceutical products must be used under the prescription of a doctor.

What Does Mankind Pharma Sell?

The company manufactures more than 1,000 different products in 17 different therapeutic areas. Some of the therapeutic streams that the products of the company cover include neurology, cardiology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, dermatology, ophthalmology, gynecology, and others.

The company also produces a number of over-the-counter products.

Some of the top products of the company are: 

Manforce Condoms

Condoms are used for contraception as well as the prevention of sexually transmitted infections.

Manforce condoms are one of the best-known brands of condoms in India. It is available in 12 different variants, like 3-in-1 condoms, extra-dotted condoms, plain condoms, etc. A variety of flavors are available for the condoms, including chocolate, strawberry, black grapes, litchi, orange, and a mix of different flavors. 

The premium offerings of Manforce condoms are sold under the brand name Epic condoms.

Prega News – Pregnancy Detection Card

PregaNews is a pregnancy detection kit that can be conveniently used at home for the detection of pregnancy. It can provide results within 5 minutes of the test. It measures the urine HCG level to provide the results. It might give false negative results if you do the test early in the menstrual cycle, as it takes time for HCG to become detectable in the urine.

So, use the test card after 7 days of missing your period. If you are not sure of the test result, then repeat the test or ask your doctor for confirmation.


Gas-O-Fast is an ayurvedic medicine used for the relief of symptoms of indigestion. The ingredients used in the products are Jeera, Ajwain, Guava, and Lemon. These ingredients are commonly found in Indian household kitchens and so are famous for their natural ingredients. It works as a natural antacid, neutralising gastric acid and providing instant relief for indigestion and epigastric pain associated with excessive acid secretion. It is available as an over-the-counter medication and can be bought without a doctor’s prescription.

Health Ok Multivitamin Tablets

As the name suggests, tablets act as supplements for vitamins and minerals for better health and immunity. The tablet is composed of natural ginseng, taurine, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, amino acids like L-Phenylalanine and L-Tryptophan, and other multivitamins and minerals. The dose of the tablet is one tablet per day. If you are taking any other medicines, you should consult with your doctor before taking Health OK multivitamin tablets to avoid potential interactions.

The medicine is useful in the following situations:

  • Prevention or treatment of vitamin deficiencies.
  • Improves circulation in the body and brain and prevents dementia
  • Amino acids help in the proper absorption of vitamins and minerals helping in overall growth and development.

Unwanted 72 Emergency Contraceptive Pills

The tablets contain 1.5 mg of levonorgestrel, which acts as an emergency contraceptive pill, to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse. The pill must be taken within 72 hours of intercourse. The medicine is not recommended if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant in the near future. It is also important to note that medicine does not provide protection against sexually transmitted infections.

Some of the common side effects of the medicine are heavy menstrual bleeding, bleeding between periods, nausea, vomiting, and weakness. The medicine should be taken under the prescription of a doctor.

Unwanted 21 Oral Contraceptive Pills

Unwanted 21 is a combined oral contraceptive pill composed of oestrogen in the form of Ethinyl estradiol and progesterone in the form of levonorgestrel. A single pill is to be taken daily to prevent pregnancy, and you should contact your doctor if you miss any pills.

The side effects of the medicine include irregular menstrual bleeding, weight gain, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. It also increases the risk of cervical and breast cancer. However, it decreases the risk of ovarian cancer.  


Acnestar is a face wash with an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity that helps to prevent acne on the face. Basil, glycolic acid, calendula chamomile, aloe vera, and salicylic acid are the components of Acnestar.

It helps to deeply clean the skin and soothes it, making you feel refreshed. It comes in two pack sizes of 15 grams and 22 grams. The company recommends washing your face two times a day for the removal of acne. pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads.


Kabzend is a natural laxative granule which can be used for the treatment of constipation. It is an ayurvedic formulation made of 12 different herbs. The herbs are claimed to be well tolerated without significant side effects. Some of the herbs are Senna leaves, Ispaghula, and Yashtimadhu. It can also be taken regularly to regulate bowel habits.

It is recommended that medication be taken two hours after a meal at bedtime. Take about 5 gms (one teaspoonful) every day with a glass of lukewarm water.

Ring-Out Dusting Powder

Ring-Out Dusting Powder is an antifungal powder used for the treatment of fungal skin infections like ringworm, jock itch, and athlete’s foot. It is available in the form of powder and cream.

You should apply the cream as per the instructions provided or follow your doctor’s advice regarding its use.

Safe kind

Safe kind is the sanitation-related brand of Mankind. The company manufactures toilet seat disinfectant, N95 face masks and hand sanitiser under the brand of Safe kind.

The company claims that the toilet seat disinfectant kills 99.9% of germs in the toilet seat, providing protection against bacteria, viruses, and fungus.

The N95 mask protects against 95% of the bacteria and is useful to prevent transmission of COVID-19 infection.

The hand sanitiser contains 70% alcohol, with glycerine and aloe vera to maintain moisture.


Kaloree1 is an artificial sweetener, which is a calorie-free alternative for maintaining sweetness without worrying about calories. It is a good alternative for diabetic and obese patients. The ingredients of Kaloree1 are lactose, aspartame, croscarmellose sodium, and colloidal silicon dioxide.


Heel-O-Kind is a gel used to treat different types of injuries such as bruises, burns, cuts, and wounds. Its composition is silver nanoparticles 0.02%, which has antiseptic action and thus inhibits the growth of bacteria on the wound surface, preventing infections. It is only for external use and should be applied according to your doctor’s advice.

You should clean the skin area before applying the gel, You also need to wash your hands before and after applying the antiseptic gel.


The company produces a wide range of goods, almost all of which are connected to healthcare, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter (OTC) medications, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

While OTC products can be bought without a prescription, you should be aware of the drug interactions and it is always recommended to consume products under the guidance of your healthcare provider.

The company is growing internationally and gradually broadening its reach to different regions of the world in line with its vision of offering inexpensive products that don’t sacrifice quality and making them accessible to everyone.






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